Help and Support

Help and support

These pages have been created to help answer common questions about our Smartphones, Tablets Computers and Synapptic software. New questions and answers will be regularly added to this page...

• Where to find help?

Help is available within Synapptic. Each screen has a help button in the top right. Use this button to show help topics specifically for the screen you are currently using. Help is displayed in large print and spoken out. Some help is also available in video format that will play on the Synapptic device you are using.

When you have finished reading or listening to the help, press the red cross in the top left hand corner to return to the screen you were originally using.

To get help for the Main Menu select the Help menu option towards the end of the Main Menu. This option can also be used to search all help topics for particular words.

Visit our downloads page to download the Synapptic User Manual and other documents

• FREE tuition

Every customer who purchases Synapptic Software, a Synapptic Tablet or a Synapptic Smartphone is entitled to a free hour of training! Use the training to get started or to ask questions when you have been using Synapptic for a while.

Training is delivered over the phone - using your landline phone. To book your free training please contact us on 0191 909 7 909. One of our trainers will then contact you and arrange a suitable time.

For certain locations within the UK we have arrangements with blind societies and similar organisation, who will give one-to-one training at the society. Please contact us for further details.

• What version of Android do I need?

Synapptic can be purchased pre-installed on one of our Smartphones or Tablets, or purchased separately to install on an existing device. If you are purchasing Synapptic to run on a device you already own, you should check the device is running a suitable version of Android. Synapptic requires Android version 4.0 or above. (Note: Most modern devices run Android 4 or above).

• Software Updates

Each copy of Synapptic purchased includes 2 years of free updates, so you can benefit from all the latest features Synapptic has to offer. Further years of updates can be purchased at just £25 per year and are available in 2 year blocks.

If you own multiple Synapptic devices, you only need pay once to cover all your devices!

Our updates also include free software transfers from one device to another, so upgrading your device or recovering from a lost device is always simple.

• Quicker menus

Did you know that the Synapptic Main Menu has two display settings - it can be shown as a grid or list. When displayed as a grid, all Main Menu options are shown on one screen and makes selecting any Synapptic feature even quicker!

To change the Main Menu to a grid or list view, select Synapptic Settings, then Customise. From the Menu Style option select Normal (list) or Grid.

If the Main Menu is customised and items are added or removed, the Grid expands or contracts to fit all items on screen.

The Grid is available on both phones and tablets.

Main Menu as a list List Main Menu as a Grid

• Wifi and Mobile Internet connections

An Internet connection is required to use several Synapptic features, such as Digital TV, BBC iPlayer, Web Browser, Emails, Where Am I, RSS Feeds, voice recognition, Scan and Read, etc.

We recommend you setup the device to use a wireless Wifi Internet connection whenever possible. This could be your home Wifi connection or a Wifi connection in a cafe or shop.

To setup Wifi, select the Settings option on the Main Menu. Then, on the Settings Menu select the Wifi option. The Wifi menu has options for turning Wifi on and off and selecting a particular Wifi access point.

Mobile Internet Connection (via SIM card)

When not connected to a Wifi Internet connection, Smartphones (and certain Tablets with a SIM card) may automatically connect to chargeable mobile phone Internet connections to keep themselves updated and synchronise contacts or check for new emails, etc.

Please check with your SIM Card provider (Orange, Vodafone, O2, 3, etc.) about data charges that may be incurred when using a mobile phone's 3G / 4G or other Internet data connection. We also recommend you ask the SIM Card provider to turn off roaming internet when travelling abroad, as this may incur extra charges.

To avoid any problems with mobile Internet data charges we recommend signing up to a contract or monthly Pay as You Go deal that includes an Internet data allowance.

• BT Home Hub - Wifi

When connecting a phone or tablet to a BT Home Hub Wifi connection, a password is required. Synapptic will ask you for this password. The password is locatated on the back of the router and is the labeled as the Wireless Key (it's not the Admin Password).

• Using Gmail with Synapptic

There are two settings that need to be changed, if using Gmail with Synapptic:

Setting 1: Login to Gmail through their website. Click the cog icon in the top right and select the Settings option from the menu that drops down. On the Settings screen that shows, select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option from the top of the screen. Click the Enable IMAP option, then press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

Setting 2: Click the cog icon in the top right of the screen and select the Settings option again. This time select the Accounts and Imports option at the top of the screen, then select Other Google Account Settings, just below it. Select the Less Secure Apps option and select Allow or Enable. (Don't worry about enabling the less secure option. It still uses the same level of security as when typing credit card information on a website)!

If you require help configuring your email settings, please contact us.

• Web Pages - Text Only

Did you know that Synapptic can display any web page as plain text in your preferred colours? When on a webpage just press the Help button in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Text Only. Then use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down the text, or press the Read All button in the top right of the screen to have the entire webpage read out.

• Saving attached photos

If someone emails you a photo and you would like to keep it, first select the message. Then, from the email message menu select the attachments option. Pick the attachment and select the view option to view the photo or save option to save it. The photo will be saved with the other photos you have taken with the camera and can be viewed with the photo viewer.

If you don't have the Save Photo option as detailed above, just update your Synapptic software using the procedure detailed below.

• Voice not working - just beeping?

If the voice on your phone or tablet suddenly stops working and just beeps instead, don't panic! Simply turn the device fully off, then back on again! This problem is caused by Android automatically updating the voice engine when Synapptic is being used. As soon as the device is turned off, then on again, the voice will be fully functional again.

• Scan and Read / Reading Machine - not accurate?

For normal text in books and magazines, Synapptic should be about 99% accurate. If it isn't, try using the Scan and Read Settings Menu to adjust the settings. Try turning the flash on or off, or try increasing the Picture Size setting. A bigger picture size setting will take higher quality photos of the text and will also allow smaller text to be identified. The downside of bigger photos is that they may take slightly longer to process.

• Voice recognition not working away from WIFI at home?

If voice recognition is not working when your device is away from a WIFI connection, it's a sign that your mobile data connection is not working or enabled. Check your SIM card includes a data allowance and ensure Mobile Data is enabled in the Data Usage section of the Android settings.
Note! Also see the offline voice recognition item below.

• Voice recognition not working at all, but I have an Internet connection?

Check the date and time set on your device. If it's more than a couple of hours out, voice recognition won't work.

• Want offline voice recognition?

All Synapptic Smartphones and Tablets (purchased from Synapptic) now come with offline voice recognition enabled. This means you do not need an Internet connection in order to dictate messages and control Synapptic with your voice.
To enable offline voice recognition on a device not purchased through Synapptic, just open the Android Setting App, then select Language and Input, Google Voice Typing, Offline Speech Recognition, All. Select the appropriate language and follow any on-screen instructions.

• My phone thinks it's a tablet / my tablet thinks it's a phone!

When a phone has it's SIM card removed (or flight mode is turned on), the Make Call and Text Message options will not display. The phone may also temporarily report it's a tablet, because of the lack of phone functionality. To cure this problem insert a working SIM and ensure Flight Mode is turned off. If the problem persists, use the Customise option on the Settings Menu to reset the Main Menu.

The line between tablets and smartphones is becoming ever more blured! To keep things simple we've added a new setting in version 6 of Synapptic to force Synapptic to run in either Tablet or Smartphone mode. With this new setting you can decide if your device should be know as a Smartphone or Tablet.

• Does my phone/tablet need anti-virus software?

Anti-virus software isn't necessary for either phone or tablet because Android runs every app in it's own environment, disallowing any form of harmful software to breach it. Google's chief security engineer for Android, Adrian Ludwig, spoke out recently stating that anti-virus software on Android was "Absolutely not needed".

• How do I find the IMEI identification number for my phone or tablet?

Option 1: The number is printed on the outside of the box that the device came in, and also located under the battery (for devices with a removeable battery).

Option 2: From the Synapptic Main Menu select the Phone Info or Tablet Info option. Then select the About Phone or About Tablet option. The IMEI is show in both large print and spoken out.

• Updating Synapptic

We regularly update Synapptic and add in new features or enhance existing ones. To update to the latest version of Synapptic, first select the Settings option from the Main Menu. Then select the Updates option towards the end of the Settings Menu and follow the on-screen and spoken instructions.

Note: Ensure your phone or tablet is connected to a Wifi internet connection before updating.

If the update successfully installs, Synapptic will show details of the update when it starts again.

Synapptic software comes with two years of free updates. When this expires, further years of updates can be purchased at just £50 for another two years. (One purchase covers all your Synapptic devices).