Synapptic Software Details

New! Synapptic Version 6 now available! See our News Section for full details.

Listed below are the main features of the Synapptic Software. The software is pre-installed on all of our Smartphones and Tablet Computers, but can be purchased separately to be installed on an existing Android device.

Note: Some features vary slightly between devices. Use these links to compare tablet features or compare phone features.

Each software purchase comes with 2 years of free software updates. During this time you can download the latest version of Synapptic and benefit from any new features and enhancements. After the initial 2 years, the cost of an additional 2 years is just £50. One purchase of software updates covers all the Synapptic devices your own.

Visit our downloads page to download the Synapptic User Manual and other documents.

Synapptic Software
Main Menu

Easy-to-use menus

Large, simple and clear menus make using Synapptic software a breeze! Place your finger on the screen and move it up and down the menu. As you do, each menu item is spoken out and highlighted on screen. Lift your finger off the screen to select the current option - it's that easy!

Increase or decrease the zoom level to change the number of options on the screen. The text and background colours are also easily changed.

Use the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move to the next page of menu options if there are more options than can fit on a single screen.

Quick to learn and intuitive

Quick to learn and intuitive

All screens have the same look and feel, so learning how to use them is painless and quick. Once you've learnt how to use one screen, you'll know everything needed to use all screens.

Each screen has a red cross in the top left corner, which speaks out the words 'cancel and go back' when touched. Use this on any screen to go back to the previous screen. It's that easy - you'll never get lost and will always be able to get back to the Main Menu.

Colours, magnification and voice

Colours, magnification and voice

Change the magnification and colours to suit your needs. Choose from a wide range of colour schemes and magnification levels. Pick from the latest high quality male and female voices.

Customise the Software with other settings that allow you to easily change the speech, voice speed and voice volume, beeps and other sounds, screen brightness, menu items, ringer and other volumes, menu operation, auto start, and lots more!

A new menu style now allows the entire Main Menu to display as a grid on one screen. This make using Synapptic even quicker and easier!

Make and Receive Calls (phones only)
Dial Number

Dial a telephone number

Press the numbers on the large high-contrast number pad directly, or explore the number pad with your finger, lifting your finger off the screen on each number required.

As the number builds up, it's shown at the top of the screen. From here the number can be checked or spoken out before it's dialled.

Use voice control to dial someone by saying "call bob" or "dial 1234 5678"

Select Contact to Dial

Call someone from your Address Book

Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate each page of contacts in your address book. Select a particular contact to have their number dialled.

If there are many people in the address book it can be filtered to show just a few at a time.

Answer Call

Answer calls

As well as ringing, the name and number of the caller are displayed in large print on the screen and optionally spoken out.

Answer or reject the call using the large buttons at the bottom of the screen.

An active call can be played through the earpiece or loud speaker.

Text Messages (phones only)
Type Message

Type text messages

Even if you've never sent a text message before, sending one with Synapptic is simple! By using magnification and spoken feedback, the keyboard lets you find each letter before you type it. If you've never used a keyboard before, it's not a problem!

When typing a message, touch the top half of the screen to have the typed text spoken back to you. Use the arrow keys either side of this text to move about the text and make any corrections.

Voice recognition can be used to dictate a message instead of, or as well as, typing it.

Type Message - Wide Keyboard

Two keyboards in one!

Rotate the phone or tablet by 90 degrees and the keyboard changes to fill the whole width of the screen.

Type Message - Go Large

Go large!

Change zoom levels to make the text you are typing bigger or smaller.

Read, reply and delete text messages

Read, reply, delete

Received Text Messages are displayed on screen in large print and also spoken out. A separate menu gives options for replying to, or deleting a message.

Voice Recognition / Voice Control
Voice Recognition

Dictate Messages with Voice Recognition

Type messages faster by dictating them! Voice recognition is amazingly accurate and words are automatically spell checked.

Dictate text message, emails or anything other text. Whenever the keyboard is displayed on screen, the microhpone icon in the top right enables voice recognition to be switched on and off, so you can dictate instead of typing.

Voice Control

Control Synapptic with just your voice!

Select menus, dial numbers, write text messages, compose emails and lots more! All with just voice commands - hands-free!

Skype video and audio calls

Make Free Calls with Skype

All Diamond phones and Titanium tablets can make and receive free Skype voice and video calls.

Skype turns your phone or tablet into a video phone. It works through the Internet and there are no additional charges - Talk for as long as you want.

Use a video call to see friends and family, or let them see you.

Camera Menu

Take photos

Take photos with our fully speaking and large print camera! Zoom in or out, turn the flash on or off, then touch the screen to take the photo.

Photos can be attached to an email quickly and easily to be shared with friends and family.

Camera Menu

View photos

View and magnify photos on-screen. Move between photos using the up and down arrow keys at the top and bottom of the screen. The date and time for each photo is spoken out.

Touching the screen will expand the photo to cover the full screen, where it can be magnified further if required.

Sending a photo by email is as simple as pressing a button!


Send and receive emails

Use your phone or tablet to send and receive emails from anywhere (that has an Internet connection)!

Compose new messages, read messages, reply to messages, forward messages and delete messages.

Use your tablet or phone to effortlessly send and receive photos, documents, voice recordings and other attachments.

Email Message Menu

Email message menu

Select any message in your Inbox to read it, reply to it, delete it, save it or forward it.

Read Email Message

Read emails

Emails you receive are displayed on screen in large print and also spoken out.

Compose New Email

Write a new email

Even if you've never sent an email before, sending an email with Synapptic is simple. With magnification and spoken feedback, the keyboard lets you find each letter before you type it. If you've never used a keyboard before, it's not a problem!

Voice recognition can be used to dictate a message instead of, or as well as, typing it.

Address Book
Address Book

One Address Book for all contacts

Keep telephone numbers, email addresses, Skype addresses and postal addresses in the Address Book. One place for all your contacts.

The Address Book can be searched and all Address Book details are both spoken aloud and displayed in large print on the screen.

Calendar, Reminders and Alarm
Calendar, Reminders and Alarm

Calendar, Reminders and Alarm

Never forget or miss another appointment! Set calendar reminders, or use the alarm clock to get up on time!

Electronic Magnifier
Electronic Magnifier

Handheld electronic magnifier

No need to carry around multiple magnification devices when your Synapptic Tablet or Smartphone can do it all!

The magnifier is truly amazing and can magnify text or any object up to about 25 times with live video view or 100 times with frozen view. Ideal for magnifying menus, timetables or food labels when you're out and about.

Freeze, zoom, save, colourise, rename and read out any text quickly and easily from the magnifier screen.

Use our Diamond phones or Titanium Pro tablets for best results, as these devices have high quality cameras.

Use with the Synapptic stand for hands-free operation.

Reading Machine
Scan and Read

Reading Machine

Photograph a document and have any text on it spoken out! Operates by just tapping the screen. Easy-to-use, fast and accurate.

Save, rename, edit and even email converted text. Works with just about any text, including books, newspapers and bank statements.

Use our Diamond phones or Titanium Pro tablets for best results, as these devices have high quality cameras.

Utilise the Synapptic stand for hands-free operation.

Note Pad
Note Pad

Note Pad

Write notes, lists and other information. Either type the text or dictate with Voice Recognition.

Notes can be saved and recalled later, or even emailed!

Voice Memos
Voice Memos

Record and play voice memos

Recording a spoken voice memo is a quick and simple way of noting down some important information, without having to write it down. Recordings are listed with the latest one at the top, and have the recording date and time automatically included within them.

Each recording can be played back, emailed or deleted.

Music & MP3 Player
MP3 Player

Play music, books or other MP3 recordings

Playing a music MP3, book or other MP3 recording couldn't be easier. Large buttons on the screen make it easy to play and pause, rewind or skip forwards, move to the next or previous track or listen to the name and duration of the current track.

As with all Synapptic screens, the MP3 player is easy-to-use, high contrast, large print and speaks everything out!

MP3 Folders

Organise MP3s into folders

Organise your MP3s into folders. Store your favourite music or books and newspapers in quick to find folders.

SD Cards and Memory Sticks

SD Cards and Memory Sticks

Play music stored on the tablet or phone, or from an SD card or Memory Stick plugged into the tablet or phone.

Talking Books & Talking Newspapers
Talking Books and Talking Newspapers

Listen to Talking Books and Talking Newspapers

Play Talking Books from the RNIB, Calibre or your local Talking Newspaper. Books and newspapers are delivered on handy Memory Sticks. Plug in and play directly, or import into your own audio library - great for holidays or when travelling!

RNIB and Calibre Audio offer thousands of up-to-date audio books for a small membership fee. Books are sent on small thumb-sized memory sticks that plug into a Synapptic smartphone or tablet computer. Books can be requested by website or telephone. For further information, please contact the RNIB on 0303 123 9999 or Calibre on 01296 432 339

GPS / Where am I?
Where am I

Find your current location

Find your current location along with a list of pubs, hotels, shops and churches, etc. around you. The full address and street name is displayed and spoken out, along with names, addresses and telephone numbers of the places nearby.

Internet Radio
Internet Radio

Listen to Internet radio

There are thousands of Internet radio stations broadcast through the Internet. We've picked 300 of the best UK stations (including all national and local BBC stations), along with thousands of other stations from around the world.

Listen to a local station, national station or the latest from around the world!

Watch BBC iPlayer
BBC iPlayer

Catchup with BBC iPlayer

Watch BBC TV or listen to BBC Radio programs that have been broadcast over the last 7 days. It's easy to catchup with a program you have missed. Synapptic provides simple menus to select the Channel, day and program.

The list includes both audio described and non audio described programmes.

*This option is only available in UK versions of Synapptic.

Watch Digital TV
Digital TV

Watch Freeview digital TV

There are many Freeview Digital TV Channels to pick from. Some of these include the BBC Channels, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC News, Shopping Channels, Craft Channels and much more!

Watch TV on the go, outside or curled up in bed!

*Certain channels only available in the UK version of Synapptic.


Watch, listen, discover, learn and laugh with YouTube!

YouTube is an amazing resource for watching films and film clips, listening to music, discovering and learning new skills or just watching the latest funny animal videos! The best thing of all - it's all free!


RSS News
RSS News

Catchup with news and other stories quickly and easily

The RSS News Reader makes it easy to catchup on the latest news from a variety of sources on the Internet. RSS feeds bring the news directly to you, avoiding the need to search the web or search around an individual web page. News articles are displayed in plain text, but images and links can be viewed as well if required.

Web Browser
Web Browser

Web browser

Surf the web easily with the Synapptic Web Browser. Navigate about the page using magnification and touch, or by using the Next and Previous buttons at the bottom of the screen. As you move about the text on the page with the Next and Previous buttons, or touch an item on the page, a description for it is spoken out.

The Web Browser Menu has options for searching the web, typing a web address, going to a home page, keeping a list of favourite web sites and allowing easy navigation back to recently visited sites.

The Toolbox - Extra Handy Tools
Colour Identifier

Colour identifier

Place any object a few inches in front of the phone's or tablet's camera and this tool will show on screen and speak out the colour of the object. As well as giving an overall colour (green, blue, red, etc) a more detailed description is also given (dark green, sky blue, etc).



Add, subtract, multiply and divide easily with the Synapptic large print, high contrast and talking calculator.



Discover current weather and forecasts for just about any location in the world!

App Launcher

App Launcher

Launch Android Apps directly from Synapptic!

Synapptic devices give easy access to voice feedback for Android Apps, if required.



The compass is automatically updated every few seconds and both speaks out and displays the compass direction that the top of the phone is pointing towards.

Spirit Level

Spirit level

Place the phone or tablet flat on a surface and our colourful bubble blowing fish tells you the angle of the surface. Ideal for putting up shelves - or just let the colourful smiling fish cheer you up!

Phone / Tablet Information
Phone/Tablet Information

Battery level, Wifi signal, phone signal, etc.

This option gives a quick overview of useful information for the phone or tablet, and includes phone signal strength, Wifi signal strength, battery level, missed calls, current ringer mode, ringer volume, date/time and software version.


Easy to access help

Help is available throughout Synapptic. Just about every screen has a help icon in the top right hand corner, which displays help documents and videos for that particular screen.

In addition to the help on every screen, the help option on the Main Menu allows all the help documents and videos to be searched.

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