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Getting Started with Amazon Echo (Alexa)

These instructions detail how to use your Synapptic device to setup an Amazon Echo (Alexa).

• Firstly, make sure your Amazon Echo is plugged in to a power source.
• Go to the Synapptic app launcher and start the Amazon Alexa app.

• Sign in to your Amazon account, if you have one, or create a new account if not.

• Select which account is yours and confirm your name on the next screen.

• On the next screen asking about permissions, click the allow button, then confirm that you want this to be allowed.

• Skip through the Alexa instructions by pressing the Next button, until finished, then click the Done button.

• On the next page you will be at the Alexa app homepage. Find the devices button at the bottom right of the screen and select.

• Then go to the top right of this screen and select the button to add a new device.
• Select the add device option, find Amazon Echo and select.

• When choosing a device to set up, select Echo Dot.
• On the next screen, it will ask you which Echo Dot you are setting up. Select the '1st or 2nd generation' option.

• Then go to your plugged in Amazon Echo device and find the action key, which has a small bump on top, to make it easier to find. Then hold this button in until the device tells you that it is in setup mode.
• Go back to your mobile phone and it will ask you if your Echo dot is displaying an orange light, then select the yes option.

• You will then need to go on to the Android settings app. Use the Synapptic App Launcher and select the Settings app, then select connections/Wi-Fi and go on to the Wi-Fi option.
• Look for available networks and then select the network that will be set out as “AMAZON-XXX”. The three letters at the end of the network will be unique to your device.
• You may receive a message about the Internet not being available through the AMAZON-XXX connection. Ignore this and select the option to keep the AMAZON-XXX connection.


• Press the Red Cross in the top left of the screen until the normal Synapptic menu shows again. Use the Synapptic App Launcher again to start the Alexa app.
• Once back on the Alexa app, it will ask you to reconnect to the internet. Select your normal Wi-Fi connection from the list and Alexa will connect to the internet and setup your device so that it is ready to use.
• The application will, after a few minutes, say that your Echo Dot is now connected to Wi-Fi and at this point your Amazon Echo device will be ready to use.

• The app will then ask you to continue, if you want to personalise your device. This can be configured or skipped according to your preference.
• All done! You can now test your device by saying "Alexa, what's the time?"


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