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Call Plans
Questions and Answers

1. General information

Why do I need a call plan, when I buy a new phone or SIM-enabled tablet?

When you buy a new phone or SIM-enabled tablet, you need to open an account with a call provider, if you want to make phone calls, send text messages or use the Internet when away from your home broadband connection.

Your call provider will offer various packages to choose from and bill you monthly, in the same way you have a call provider to manage your landline at home.

Why should I buy a call plan through Synapptic?

Here at Synapptic, we want to make things as easy as possible for our customers, especially when you’re new to technology. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vodaphone, to be able to offer you a selection of call plans to use with your Synapptic device.

Then, if you have any questions about your device, your calls or your data usage, you only have one number to ring. It’s that simple!

What’s more, if you order your new device from us, you can use it straight away and don’t need to find a call provider yourself.

Who will provide my call plan?

We’ve teamed up with Vodaphone, who will provide your call plan. Vodaphone has one of the largest mobile phone networks in the UK and offers excellent coverage throughout the UK.

2. Choosing a call plan

What call packages do you offer?

We offer 6 different call plans, as follows: three 12-month plans and three 24-month plans. (All plans include VAT).

Synapptic 12-month call plans

Basic: £12 per month. This plan includes 1GB of data per month, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Essential: £15.99 per month. This plan includes 5GB of data per month, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Unlimited: £39.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited data, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Synapptic 24-month call plans

Basic: £9.60 per month. This plan includes 1GB of data per month, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Essential: £12 per month. This plan includes 5GB of data per month, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Unlimited: £36.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited data, plus unlimited calls and text messages within the UK and the Vodafone 48 roam-free European destinations.

Which call plan would you recommend?

The call plan you choose will be determined by what you need for your own personal use. Since all our call plans come with unlimited UK calls and text messages, the main things you'll need to consider are how much data you’ll use each month and how long you’d like your contract to be.

What do I need a data allowance for?

When you’re using your device away from your home broadband connection, you’ll need data to enable you to:

• Access the internet
• Use Apps on your device, such as banking and online shopping apps
• Pick up your messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Skype, email, etc.
• Listen to internet radio stations<
• Watch TV catchup channels and watch live TV
• Use voice recognition on your device
• Use the Reading Machine feature.

Will I be using much data if I already have broadband set up at home?

If you have a broadband connection set up at home, you’ll be able to access the Internet through this broadband connection when at home.

If you mainly use your device at home, you may only need a small amount of data available on your call package, for when you’re out and about.

If you don’t have broadband set up at home, you’ll use more data from the call package, as it will be your main method of accessing the Internet.

3. Setting up your call plan

How can I set up a call package with my device?

When you order a Synapptic phone package or SIM-enabled Synapptic tablet package, we will ask you when you order if you’d like to add a call plan. We’ll also advise you on the call plans we have available and which call plan would suit you, depending on how you’ll be using your device.

If you have an existing device, you can still add or change over to a Synapptic call plan. Just contact us and we can help with this.

Will I need to complete any paperwork?

When you order a call plan through Synapptic, we can sort out all the paperwork for you.

We can complete an electronic contract on your behalf, which is the agreement that will exist between you and Vodafone, who will be providing your call plan.

We can also complete a direct debit mandate on your behalf, so that Vodafone can collect your payments each month.

Once we have completed this information, we can sign this paperwork on your behalf and send you a copy for your records.

Alternatively, we can send you the paperwork to complete yourself and once you’ve posted this back to us, we can do the rest to get you set up with your call plan.

Will I need a credit check?

Yes, Vodafone would run a credit check on you before they confirm the setup of your account.

What if I don’t pass the credit check?

Most people pass the credit check without a problem. In the unlikely event there is an issue, we will contact you to see how we can help.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind and want to cancel your new call plan, you have a 14-day cooling off period with Vodafone.

Contact us and we’ll be able to sort this out for you and confirm when this has been cancelled.

What if I want to cancel my contract early?

If you decide that you want to cancel your contract early, before the end of the 12- or 24- month period, then just let us know and we can sort that for you.

You will still need to pay a charge for the remaining months that are outstanding within your current contract.

4. Transferring from another call provider

What if I’m already using another call provider, such as EE, O2 or Tesco mobile, and want to set up a Synapptic Call Plan?

That’s fine. You can still move to a Synapptic call plan and also keep your existing mobile number, if you want to. Contact us and we can advise you what you need to do next, in order to transfer from your existing provider.

Will I need to use a different SIM card in my Synapptic device, if I switch to a Synapptic call plan?

Yes, we will send you a new SIM card to use. You’ll need to remove your existing SIM card and insert the new SIM card into your device.

SIM Cards are small and can be very awkward to insert into your phone or tablet. You may need sighted assistance to insert the new SIM card. Alternatively, just send us your phone or tablet and we’ll do it for you.

5. Bills and payments

Who do I pay my bill to?

Vodaphone will send you a bill directly each month, which will detail the calls you’ve made, the texts you’ve sent and the amount of data you’ve used.

You will be billed monthly by Vodaphone and all payments will be collected automatically via direct debit each month.

How will I receive my bill?

Vodaphone can send you your bill in a number of different formats. You can receive your bill via email, as a talking bill or through the post. If you opt to have your bill sent to you through the post, then you can also choose to have this sent in large print or braille format.

Let us know how you would like to receive your bill and we can set this up for you.

Can I view my bills online?

Yes, you can. Simply go to and follow the on-screen instructions to either set up your new Vodaphone online login or check your bills with the Vodaphone App.

Why is my first monthly bill higher than I was expecting?

Sometimes your first monthly bill might be higher than the monthly charge you were expecting. This can be because you started your contract part-way through a month, so you will be charged for the remainder of that month, plus the following complete month, all as part of your first monthly bill.

What if my monthly bill is higher than I was expecting?

If your bill is higher than you were expecting, please check if:

• You have used a higher amount of data than the data allowance within your current call plan
• You have used your device overseas in a country which doesn’t have free roaming (See below for further details)
• You have made calls to international phone numbers
• You have called 084 or 087 numbers, or sent a text to a premium rate number.

Will my monthly bill increase over the duration of the contract?

Your monthly bill will stay the same, except for once a year when Vodaphone (and all other networks) increase prices slightly, in line with inflation. This is only by an incremental amount.

6. Managing your bills

How can I avoid exceeding my data usage allowance?

The best way to avoid exceeding your allowance is by applying a spend cap to your account. We always set a £50 spending cap on all accounts, so you will never be charged more than £50 extra in any one month.

If you would like a different spend cap, please let us know. It can be changed at any time.

When you reach your spend cap, you will be temporarily restricted from using certain services, that you would normally pay extra for, over and above your normal monthly bill. For example, international calls and premium rate numbers.

How can I check my remaining data usage allowance?

If you’re concerned that you have nearly reached your data usage allowance, you can check your account by visiting the website or by launching the Vodaphone app via the App Launcher in Synapptic.

What if I want to buy extra data in a particular month?

If you want to increase your data allowance for a particular month, you can buy a data bundle from Vodaphone. Data bundles range in value, so you’ll need to select the value you need.

When you have used 80% of your data allowance, you will get an automated text from Vodaphone to inform you. The text with have instructions on how you can buy additional data for that month, if needed.

Any additional data you buy will automatically be added to your monthly bill, but you won’t be able to exceed your selected spend cap.

7. Using your device abroad

Do I need to activate my phone or SIM-enabled tablet to use it abroad?

You should be able to use your phone or SIM-enabled tablet abroad automatically.

Normally, when you arrive at your destination, you will be sent a text from one of the network providers in that country, just to let you know that you’ll be using their network for the duration of your stay. This is just for information purposes only.

Are there any extra charges, if I use my device while I’m abroad?

This depends on where you are travelling to.

Vodaphone offer what’s called ‘free roaming’ in 51 destination countries, which means that you won’t have any extra charges to pay, for normal use of your device, in any one of these countries. See Appendix 1 below.

Similar to the UK, if you call premium rate numbers, international numbers or add extra data bundles when you’re abroad, you may incur extra charges. These will be added to your bill.

What if I use my device in a country that doesn’t have free roaming?

Outside of the 51 roam-free destinations, Vodaphone offer what’s called ‘roam-further’ charges in 105 destinations. This is a fixed daily charge, which will be added to your account, when you use your free UK calls, texts and data allowance abroad. In general, this applies to countries outside of Europe.

See Appendix 2 below.

What if I run out of data while I’m abroad?

You will be automatically be informed by Vodaphone, if you’re about to exceed your data allowance.

You can then buy an additional bundle, to add it to your account. Simply follow the on-screen instructions and select the value of the bundle you need. This will automatically be added to your bill for that month. (But charges will never go over your spend cap).

How do I access my voicemail when I’m abroad?

To access your voicemail when abroad, you’ll need to set up a security PIN before you leave the UK. To do this you will need to:

• Call your voicemail
• Choose the security option
• Set the PIN and save.

Then you can just access your voicemail in the normal way.

Appendix 1

Roam-free destinations include most areas of Europe and are as follows:

1. Aland Islands 2. Austria 3. Azores 4. Balearic Islands 5. Belgium 6. Bulgaria 7. Canary Islands 8. Croatia 9. Cyprus except Northern Cyprus 10. Czech Republic 11. Denmark 12. Estonia 13. Faroe Islands 14. Finland 15. France (inc Corsica) 16. French Guiana 17. Germany 18. Gibraltar 19. Greece 20. Guadeloupe 21. Guernsey 22. Hungary 23. Iceland 24. Ireland 25. Isle of Man 26. Italy 27. Jersey 28. Latvia 29. Liechtenstein 30. Lithuania 31. Luxembourg 32. Madeira 33. Malta 34. Martinique 35. Mayotte 36. Monaco 37. Netherlands 38. Norway 39. Poland 40. Portugal 41. Reunion 42. Romania 43. Saint Barthelemy 44. Saint Martin 45. San Marino 46. Slovakia 47. Slovenia 48. Spain 49. Sweden 50. Switzerland 51. Vatican City

Please check the Vodaphone website or app for the latest information, before you travel.

Appendix 2

‘Roam Further’ countries include:

1. Afghanistan 2. Albania 3. Andorra 4. Anguilla 5. Antigua and Barbuda 6. Argentina 7. Armenia 8. Aruba 9. Australia 10. Bahrain 11. Bangladesh 12. Barbados 13. Bermuda 14. Bonaire 15. Bosnia and Herzegovina 16. Brazil 17. British Virgin Islands 18. Cambodia 19. Canada 20. Cayman Islands 21. Chile 22. China 23. Colombia 24. Congo, Democratic Republic of 25. Costa Rica 26. Curacao 27. Dominica 28. Dominican Republic 29. Ecuador 30. Egypt 31. El Salvador 32. Fiji 33. Georgia 34. Ghana 35. Grenada 36. Guatemala 37. Guyana 38. Haiti 39. Honduras 40. Hong Kong 41. India 42. Indonesia 43. Israel 44. Jamaica 45. Japan 46. Jordan 47. Kazakhstan 48. Kenya 49. Kuwait 50. Laos 51. Lesotho 52. Macau 53. Macedonia 54. Malaysia 55. Mexico 56. Moldova 57. Mongolia 58. Montenegro 59. Montserrat 60. Morocco 61. Mozambique 62. Myanmar 63. New Zealand 64. Nicaragua 65. Oman 66. Pakistan 67. Panama 68. Papua New Guinea 69. Paraguay 70. Peru 71. Philippines 72. Puerto Rico 73. Qatar 74. Russia 75. Saba 76. Saint Kitts and Nevis 77. Saint Lucia 78. Saint Vincent 79. Sint Eustatius 80. Sint Maarten 81. Samoa 82. Saudi Arabia 83. Serbia 84. Singapore 85. South Africa 86. South Korea 87. South Sudan 88. Sri Lanka 89. Suriname 90. Swaziland 91. Taiwan 92. Tanzania 93. Thailand 94. Tonga 95. Trinidad and Tobago 96. Turkey and Northern Cyprus 97. Turks and Caicos 98. Ukraine 99. United Arab Emirates 100. United States of America 101. Uruguay 102. US Virgin Islands 103. Uzbekistan 104. Vanuatu 105. Vietnam.

We recommend you check the Vodaphone website or app for the latest information, before you travel.

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