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Synapptic Software Requirements

If you are installing our Synapptic software on your own device, please check it meets the minimum specification below:


Android Version

Synapptic requires Android version 7 or above (but we recommend Android 10 or above)

Free Space

A basic installation of Synapptic requires approximately 200MB of space. This is equivalent to about 20 good quality photos. Unless your device is already struggling with a lack of storage, it will most likely have more than enough free space.

Play Store

Full access to the Google Play Store is required so that Synapptic can download supporting apps such as the Google Keyboard, the Google App and printer apps, etc.

Note: Newer models of Huawei phones do not have access to the Google Play Store due to a dispute between Huawei and Google. Older models are unaffected. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your device has full access to the Play Store.


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