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How to upgrade Synapptic
to Version 7

Watch the video or read through the instructions below

What's new in version 7? 

Step 1

Download the update

These instructions assume you are running version 6 of Synapptic. If you are running an older version, some screens may be slightly different. From the Main Menu select the Settings option, then the Updates option. Press the Continue button to proceed. The download will take a few minutes.

When the download has finished, press the Continue button.

A message showing basic instructions will show. Press the Continue button again. Then, press the Install button in the bottom right hand corner to continue. When the installation has finished, the Android home screen will display. Tap the Synapptic icon to start Synapptic again.

When Synapptic 7 first starts, two messages will show. The first message confirms the version number you have upgraded to (version 7 in this case). The second message lets you know you can search for the words "what's new" in the help to see a full list of the new features in version 7.

Step 2

The Update Helper - Install Synapptic Reader

After the update messages show, Synapptic opens the Update Helper screen to help you complete the installation process. The Update Helper can be opened at any time from the Updates option on the Settings menu.

The Update Helper shows a list of Synapptic components and their current installation state. Any items with a green tick are fully up-to-date and installed correctly. Any items with an orange tick need further action and items with no tick need to be installed.

Select the second option to install Synapptic Reader. Press the Continue button, wait for the download, then press the Continue Button again until the Synapptic Reader installation screen displays. Press the Install button in the bottom right of the screen and wait for the installation to complete. Press the Done button to close the Installation screen.

There is an option to read about Synapptic Reader now, but we recommend continuing with the installation and reading about Synapptic in the help later. After pressing the Continue button the Update Helper will show the current progress. The Synapptic Reader option will have turned orange as it is installed but not switched on. Select the Synapptic Reader option again to now enable it.

Find the Services section and select Synapptic Reader. Tap on the switch at the top to turn Synapptic Reader on. Now press the red cross in the top left of the screen to return to Synapptic.

On some devices an extra Superuser Request message may show. If it does, press the Grant button in the bottom right of the message.

Step 3

The Update Helper - Install the Google Keyboard

Synapptic Reader uses the Google Keyboard when text needs to be typed into an App or Android screen. Many other keyboards are not designed to work with screen readers and are not recommended. However, the Google Keyboard works very well.

Select the third option for Google Keyboard on the Update Helper screen, then press the continue button. Press the Install button, then wait for the installation to complete. When the installation is complete, press the Open button at the top of the screen. This will open the Google Keyboard app and start the Google keyboard helper.

The Google Keyboard Helper has 3 stages.
Step 1 - Press the 'Enable in Settings' button, then switch on the Gboard keyboard.

Step 2 - Press the 'Select Input Method' button, then select Gboard from the list of available keyboard.

Step 3 - Press the 'Set Permissions' button, then press the Allow button on the message that displays. Press the Done button when finished.

Press the red cross in the top left of the screen to return to the Synapptic Update Helper. Alternatively, additional Google keyboard settings can be made, such as the keyboard colour theme.

Step 4

The Update Helper - Install recommended apps

Work through the list recommended apps, seleting any that don't have a green tick or don't say they are installed. The update helper will show a page where each can be installed. Press the Install button, wait for the installation to complete, then press the red cross in the top left to return to the helper.

All done!

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