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What's new in Version 7.5?

Synapptic Version 7.5 includes 4 important new features, along with updates to use the latest Android security technology, ensuring you and your data are kept safe and secure!

How to upgrade to Version 7.5?

1. New and Improved Synapptic Call Screen

Image of the new Synapptic Call Screen

The Synapptic Call Screen has been completely redesigned and updated! It's still as simple to use but now displays a large print Synapptic numberpad during a call, making it quick and easy to operate automated telephone systems and voicemail.

2. Letter Writing

Image of the new Letter Writing menu

Create professional looking letters with the new Synapptic Letter Writing feature. Just select the recipient's address, type some text and you're ready to print! Letters can be printed in both standard and large print and saved for future reference.

3. Printing

Image of new Printing menu

Synapptic 7.5 makes printing easy! You can now effortlessly print photos, notes, emails and letters. There's also no need for wires, as Synapptic will print via Wifi or Direct Access to any suitable printer. See the Accessories section of our website to purchase one of our recommended printers.

4. Voice Picker

Image of the Voice Picker screen

Pick which voice Synapptic and Synapptic Reader will speak with! Choose between multiple male and female voices and easily find the one that's right for you.


Phones and tablets are increasingly used to access and store sensitive information, so security and privacy is becoming increasingly important. To reflect this we've now upgraded Synapptic to work with the latest Android security technology, ensuring you and your data remain safe.

Future Proofing

In addition to the upgraded security features, Synapptic 7.5 includes large-scale performance and stability enhancements, ensuring we can deliver new and exciting features for years to come!

Using Android 4?

If your phone or tablet is using Android 4, Synapptic 7.5 is the last version you'll be able to upgrade to! You'll be able to continue using Synapptic 7.5 on your Android 4 device, but any future Synapptic updates will not install.

Android 4 is now nine years old and does not support many of the new security features we require. Because of this, Synapptic 7.5 is the last version of Synapptic that will install on Android 4.

Please contact us if you wish to install Synapptic 7.5 on Android 4, as it will not update automatically. We would recommend upgrading your phone or tablet hardware to a newer version. Remember - if you already have Synapptic installed on an old device, it can be transferred to a new device for free - saving you £199! **

** Terms and conditions apply. A valid software updates package must be in place to transfer software from an old device. The £199 discount applies to all phones and tablets except the Bronze 10 phone package.

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