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Current Trends

Did you know?

76% of UK adults now own a Smartphone
53% of Smartphone users check their phones within 5 minutes of waking
Over 32 million phones are purchased annually in the UK.
Source: deloitte.co.uk/mobileuk

Technology continues to evolve all the time, to keep pace with our ever-changing lifestyles and preferences. Nowhere is this more evident than in the global shift towards smartphones and tablets, and away from personal computers and laptops. Even since 2012, the number of people owning a smartphone has almost doubled, while 54% of UK households now own a tablet.

Reasons for the shift

One of the main reasons for this shift towards smartphones and tablets is that we are now able to handle almost all of our home-based and work-based activities on them, without the need for anything else.

This is thanks to increased processing power, better battery life, vastly improved networking speeds and the larger screen sizes on mobile devices, not to mention the fact that both smartphones and tablets are so easily portable, allowing us to complete most tasks anytime, anywhere!

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