Christmas Delivery Times 2017

Christmas Delivery Times

Season's Greetings to all our customers!

We'd like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2018 from the team here at Synapptic!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your custom and support over the last year. It's great that you enjoy using your Synapptic products and, in return, we really appreciate all the feedback and ideas we get from you.

Just before we start wrapping our presents and eating mince pies, we thought we should let you know our Christmas opening times and last delivery dates. They are:

  • Thursday 14th December 2017 - last day to place orders to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas. Orders placed after this aren't guaranteed, but we'll do our best!
  • Friday 22nd December 2017 - closed from 12pm onwards.
  • Tuesday 2nd January 2018 - office reopens at 9am.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas 2017 Offer!

Christmas offer!

This Christmas, why not treat yourself to a Synapptic smartphone or tablet and get a bundle of Christmas goodies absolutely FREE!

Buy any Synapptic smartphone or tablet, between 17th November and 20th December* and we'll include a free cleaning cloth to keep your screen extra clean, a free USB memory stick (which comes with an audio book of Charles Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol), a free memory stick adaptor and some yummy Christmas sweets!

To place your order, please contact us by calling on 0191 909 7 909, emailing us at or visit our website at Please quote reference SANTA-17 when placing your order.

Terms & Conditions apply. *Please note all orders received up to and including 14th December have guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Orders received after this date may not be delivered before Christmas Day, but we'll try our best!

New! Watch TV from around the world!

New! Watch TV from around the world!

Watch TV from around the world with the new Synapptic Global TV option. Select the Global TV option from the Entertainment Menu.

Update your device to have this new Global TV feature by selecting the Updates option in the Settings Menu.

Price Draw WINNER!

Sight Village Prize Draw WINNER!

Congratulations to Mitchell from Surrey who has been selected as the winner of our Sight Village prize draw! A brand new Synapptic Value Phone is on its way!

Synapptic helps Blind Veterans

Blind Veteran Derek talks about his experience of using Synapptic. To make a donation to Blind Veterans please visit or call 0300 111 2233.

New! Synapptic version 6 now available

New! Synapptic version 6 now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Synapptic Version 6!
Update your device now by selecting the Updates option in the Settings Menu.

What's new in version 6?

  1. The new magnifier option converts your phone or tablet into a premium hand-held electronic magnifier and has options to freeze, zoom up to x100, save, rename, switch colours/contrast, and also gives direct access to the reading machine!
  2. A new line-view reading mode makes eccentric reading easy with text automatically scrolling across the screen at an adjustable speed. This can be used to read emails, text messages, reading machine documents, notes, etc.
  3. A new simplified calendar makes finding dates and typing appointments quicker and easier. The enhanced Agenda View allows upcoming appointments to be easily viewed, edited or deleted.
  4. The new weather forecast option in the Tools Menu gives accurate forecasts and current weather details for anywhere in the world.
  5. Android apps can now be launched directly from Synapptic. Find this new option in the Tools menu. This new feature, in combination with the triple tap feature to start or stop TalkBack, provides simple and powerful access to the more complex parts of Android.
  6. If you use the Synapptic Radio player, you'll really appreciate the new features we've added to make it quicker and easier to find your favourite radio stations. A new search feature allows you to search easily though the thousands of stations, and a favourites list makes it quick and simple to play your favourite ones.
  7. Get the most out of every photograph and image with the super-powerful photo viewer. It can now magnify up to x100 and is easily operated with pinch and zoom.
  8. To make it easier to group and find photos, each photo you take can now be given a name. The list of photos can be quickly and easily searched to find the photo or group of photos required.
  9. If you take lots of photos the new photo viewer is now super-quick to operate and allows many unwanted photos to be deleted at once.
  10. The reading machine now has two new modes. Normal Mode is great for normal text from books, magazines and newspapers. Ignore Columns Mode will ignore any columns of text and just reads from left to right. This mode is particularly useful for things like bank statements.
  11. Reading machine text can now be saved and the file given a specific name.
  12. A new Reading Machine search option makes it quick and easy to find previous text.
  13. Reading machine text can now also be transferred to the Notepad for further editing.
  14. When you have lots of Voice Memos, the new rename and search features allow you to easily organise memos and quickly find specific or groups of memos.
  15. To help keep Synapptic even more simple to operate we have made the bottom left of the screen the standard location for buttons to continue or confirm a selection of emails, photos or folders, etc.
  16. With an ever increasing number of emails being sent and received we have introduced a new feature to make it quicker and easier to delete multiple emails at the same time.
  17. Synapptic can automatically fetch new emails, but a new Fetch Emails menu option towards the top of the Email Menu now makes it quicker and easier to fetch emails manually.
  18. No one likes to suddenly loose an email, note or text message they're in the middle of working on. To help make sure this never happens, we've introduced a new prompt which asks if you are sure you wish to exit a Synapptic screen without saving the text.
  19. To help with organising and quickly finding specific notes in the Notepad, we've added the ability to rename notes and to search for notes with a specific name or containing specific words.
  20. When there are hundreds of contacts in your address book, we've improved the speed and responsiveness of screens that allow you to pick a contact.
  21. If you like to write long emails, this new feature will definitely help! A new email drafts feature allows an email to be saved and worked on over several days.
  22. To help make voice recognition easier, the button to turn voice recognition on and off for the keyboard has been enlarged, so it's easier to locate.
  23. It's now easier to manage text you have spoken in with voice recognition. The delete key has two functions. It first deletes the complete last utterance, then continues to function as a normal delete key, deleting one character at a time.
  24. If you use Synapptic in Double Tap mode, it can be slow and frustrating when using the keyboard. A new setting allows the keyboard to work in normal Single Tap mode, independently of the menus working in double tap mode.
  25. If you're new to a computer keyboard, the QWERTY layout can be confusing and make it slow to type. A new keyboard setting now allows the keyboard to be configured as an ABC style keyboard or a QWERTY style keyboard.
  26. Want to customise your Main Menu and add shortcuts for quick access, or delete options for an even simpler menu? The new Customise option in the Settings Menu makes this much quicker and easier. Move an option to a new location, add in an extra option or delete an unwanted option. Certain sub-menu items, like the new Magnifier, Weather and App Launcher options can also be added directly to the Main Menu for quick access.
  27. The comma key on the keyboard now changes to an at (@) sign when typing an email address. This saves time and means you don't need to switch to the numbers keyboard to complete an address.
  28. The option to password protect the Settings Menu has been removed due to the new lock screen options.
  29. A new lock screen adds new security and protection features. Set the lock screen to be operated by either a PIN, Swipe or disabled altogether.
  30. With the line between Smartphones and Tablets becoming ever more blurred, a new setting allows you to manually select the type of device (Tablet or Smartphone) that Synapptic is running on, if it's not been detected automatically.
  31. For overseas customers, a new feature is available to automatically detect, or manually set, the required language for menus and other text within Synapptic.
  32. New stations have been added to both the Radio Player and Digital TV player.
  33. Various other minor enhancements have also been made to version 6.

To download all these amazing new and enhanced features, select the Updates option from the Settings Menu on your Synapptic Smartphone or Tablet!

New Tablet and Smartphone range!

New Tablet and Smartphone range!

We are pleased to announce our new range of Tablets and Smartphones!
Click here to read more about our latest range of Tablets and Smartphones >>

If you've ever wished for a really large phone, or didn't want to buy both a tablet and a smartphone - our new 7 and 8 inch SIM enabled tablets are for you! These devices have all the benefits of an easy to hold tablet with a good sized screen, but can also be used exactly like a smartphone! A built-in earpiece at the top of the tablet also allows it to held up to your ear during phone calls.
Read more about the new 7 and 8 inch SIM enable tablets here >>

Our new range of Smartphones now includes super-robust 4 inch and 5 inch models. The new Diamond-4 Pro and Diamond-5 Pro have one-piece light-weight aluminium frames, which make them extremely strong and difficult to accidentally damage.
Read more about all our new Smartphones here >>

Christmas Delivery Times 2016

Christmas Delivery Times

To guarantee delivery before Christmas day, orders must be placed by Thursday December 15th. Orders placed after this will most likely be delivered on time, but won't be guaranteed.

Our offices will close for Christmas at lunchtime on 23th December and will reopen on Tuesday 3th January.

We wish all our customers, suppliers, resellers and partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Synapptic wins!

Synapptic Wins!

Celebrating our Award for Excellence from the Macular Society

We're thrilled to announce that Synapptic has just won its first major award. At a ceremony in London on 24 th September, the company received an Award for Excellence at the Macular Society's Annual Conference. The award, for Best Technology Innovation, was a brand new category created only this year. Adrian Sach, creator of the products and Technical Director of Synapptic, accepted the award on behalf of the company, along with Sales Director Ken Bridge.

About the award, Adrian said, 'Winning this award has given us a real boost, because it shows that our products are making a practical difference to the lives of people struggling to use technology.' He went on to explain, 'Our aim has always been to remove barriers to technology, so that people with sight loss can have the confidence to use a mainstream device and have access to the same features as everyone else.'

Presenting the award was Cathy Yelf, CEO of the Macular Society, who described the technology as 'transforming' and added that, 'This great technology is [also] backed up by excellent customer service.' The charity works nationally to provide support and information to those affected by Macular Degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to develop our products, following feedback from visually impaired users, particularly those with macular degeneration. Soon-to- be-released features include an all-new Eccentric Reading mode, where text can be scrolled automatically across a screen, the speed and size of which can be determined by the user. In addition, a 'pinch and zoom' feature has been added to magnify text and images using the touchscreen and enhancements to the Reading Machine feature enable users to convert any printed text to speech, including menus and food labels, which can also be magnified onscreen.

New Synapptic Stand!

New Synapptic Stand!

We're pleased to announce the release of our latest Stand! It's lightweight, portable and folds nearly flat for easy storage. It's suitable for both phones and tablets.

The stand is ideal if you use your Synapptic Tablet or Phone as a reading machine or magnifier. It's also great for general use or when watching BBC iPlayer, TV or YouTube. It's also really handy for handsfree video calls with Skype!

To place an order, or for more details about the new Synapptic Stand please click here.

Ted and Gillian talk about tech

Ted Clarke, a Henshaws Community ICT Tutor in Newcastle chats to Gillian about what accessible technology she prefers using.

Going paperless!

Going paperless

As a company, we are committed to using technology to its full potential. For that reason, our ultimate aim is to communicate with all of our customers all of the time via either email, texts or through our website. That way, when we want to tell you about the latest software updates, technical tips, exhibition dates and special offers, you get the message straight to your phone or tablet, as soon as it’s released! Then you can have the information read out to you or instantly magnified at your fingertips, making it immediately accessible.

We realise some customers may still prefer to receive paper correspondence and that’s fine. But if you are open to receiving information electronically, please let us know.

If you are able to help us in our quest to go paperless, please drop us a quick email at with your full name. Also include your mobile number if you would like to receive information by text as well. Alternatively, call us on 0191 909 7 909 and we'll update our records.