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Synapptic software is specially-designed technology, which makes it simple for you to use a mobile phone or tablet when you have sight loss.

Synapptic works on mainstream Android devices and will help you stay connected easily to friends and family, retain your independence and access a world of entertainment at your fingertips.

It’s easy to find your way around as everything on the screen is read out to you and comes with magnification, so you can alter the size of any text. Synapptic also comes with easy, spoken menus, voice recognition and a help page for every screen.

Image of a Synapptic Phone and Tablet

Is Synapptic right for me?

Synapptic gives you a clear and logical system for finding your way around a phone or tablet easily, when you have sight loss.

It’s ideal to use if you’re new to technology, if you lack the confidence to fully embrace technology or you feel let down by the accessibility on other devices, such as iphones.

Choose Synapptic if:

  • You’re looking for an easy way to stay independent and connected when you have sight loss
  • You want to use the same phone or tablet that everyone else is using
  • You want a single device that can help you with your everyday tasks
  • You want a device that can evolve with you, if your sight changes.

Interactive Demo

Welcome to the interactive way to try out Synapptic for yourself! Click on the button below to get started.

Our interactive demo brings you a simulated version of Synapptic, where you can try out each feature in a realistic way.

It’s a great way to try Synapptic before you buy, if you don’t have the opportunity to experience an in-person demonstration.

(For in-person demonstrations, come and see us at one of our exhibitions, or visit one of our charitable partners.)

Synapptic free trial

If you want to try Synapptic before you buy, you can request our free trial version, by clicking on the button below.

The free trial version gives you access to all the features of Synapptic for 15 days, after which it expires and stops working.

To try the free trial version, you’ll need access to an Android phone or tablet running Android Version 7 or greater. We’ll send you full instructions on how to get started.

Try Synapptic near you

We have links with many sight loss charities and organizations throughout the UK, who are able to demonstrate our products.

If you’d like to try out Synapptic in person, click on the button below to find an organization near you, who will be able to help.

Benefits of Synapptic

Get started with technology the easy way, whatever your level of sight loss

The freedom to manage everyday tasks for yourself, with one portable device

Full help and support, so you’re never on your own

Stay connected to the important people in your life

Entertainment at your fingertips, wherever you are.

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Read our testimonials to learn how Synapptic has changed the lives of our customers.

I have been using my Synapptic phone for a couple of months now and I love it. Synapptic software has opened up a whole new world to me. I am now even exploring taking photos with the camera. Just think - 6 months ago I could not even do text messages let alone think about attaching photos! I hope everyone else is getting as much pleasure from their Synapptic phone as I am.

Sandra, Chester

I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful service you provide to people with sight loss. I have just bought my second synapptic phone and everybody has been so very patient and helpful. The service you provide is fantastic and your patience endless! You do a brilliant job.

Cathy, Portsmouth

If I did not have my Synapptic tablet, I would be lost without it. I can keep in touch with all my friends on email and Facebook. The speech recognition is the icing on the cake – wonderful!

Joseph, Somerset

I was not a mobile phone user previously but now use it for calls, sending e-mails and texts. Also, I frequently use YouTube, Internet radio and talking books! Although I have a little sight, I feel I could use it without any sight.

John, Sight Cymru, Wales

Your Synapptic devices are the best things I have used in the ten years I have been blind!

Gary, Bedale

Your little machine has changed my life.

Susie, Hampshire

I have been using your product for a few weeks. I would just like to say what a wonderful bit of software; I can actually use the phone easily!

Neill, Staffordshire

This is the first email I have ever done in my life! Thank you everyone at Synapptic…I love my new phone.

Theresa, Blackpool

Synapptic is the best thing since sliced bread!

Mike, Gloucester

Now I can connect with the outside world.

Alan, Lincolnshire

Now the thought of being without my Synapptic tablet doesn't bear thinking about!

Mary, Powys

In the course of my work helping vulnerable adults to use computers, I have found Synapptic gives the user the very best opportunity to feel part of - and contribute to - the modern world, despite any level of sight loss.

Wanda Skelham, Leicestershire CareOnline Training Officer

I really would not like to be without my Synapptic tablet...I would be lost without it. I can keep in touch with all my friends on email and Facebook. The speech recognition is the icing on the cake – wonderful!

Margaret, Somerset

[Synapptic is] excellent for people with poor or no eyesight...It is so innovative…Excellent features include the links to Google Contacts, audiobooks (including RNIB) and speaking emails...This company should be thanked and supported for helping people with poor eyesight.

Peter, Devon

Although I have been registered blind since 1978, Synapptic has become an increasing integral part of my daily life.

Bryn, Wales

I honestly wouldn’t have believed it possible for an audiobook selection and download to be so quick and straightforward - very impressed. It will make a huge difference to me for one, as I get through books like nobody’s business.

Di, Blackpool

I lost my sight 6 years ago and my phone, with its Synapptic software, plays a significant part in me being able to enjoy a fairly independent lifestyle.

Andy, Somerset