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I would like to congratulate you and the whole team on how fantaistic Synaptic is, by far the best system that has ever been available for visually impaired and totally blind people in my opinion (and I have been round a long time)!!

Also the whole team give such great support and help, nothing is ever too difficult and assistance with technical issues and queries is fantastic.

Thank you and the whole team for a great system.

Best wishes,


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I cannot thank you enough and your excellent team for how they help visually impaired customers, to give them or continue their independence. Give a big thank you to Technical Support as they went out of their way 100% to assist me. While I am here please also thank all the members of the team from me for their excellent service too. They are all a credit and lovely wonderful people. Take care.

I love My synapptic phone. Would not be without it.

Kindest regards,

Theresa xxxxx

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I have been a customer since 2015 and have had nothing but excellent customer service and help from everyone at Synapptic!  I’ve just ordered a new tablet 🙂


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Thank you for releasing Version 9. Your product is getting better all the time and I now recommend it widely these days. I must say your staff are really patient and helpful. They never seem to get stressed with us!


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I was able successfully to download a couple of books as easily as one could wish, so was well pleased with the outcome, and the process generally. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it possible for audiobook selection and download to be so quick and straightforward, very impressed, and it will make a huge difference to me, as I get through books like nobody’s business! So many thanks, both for the assistance, and the facility.


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Hi to everyone,I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful service you provide to people with sight loss.  I have just bought my second synaptic phone and everybody has been so very patient and helpful.

When I used my first synapptic phone, again, every single person has always been helpful, supportive and very patient.  I just wanted to put this in writing.  People complain but very often forget to thank. The service you provide is fantastic, and, your patience endless. You do a brilliant job!


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You have given me back my independence and my life is much easier with my Synapptic tablet. I have told many people about it and know that my optician has recommended it after seeing mine in operation! Take care,


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Just got my Synapptic phone. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to my old one. So happy I made the switch! Thank you to everyone at Synapptic, you’ve been really helpful.


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The Synapptic software has enabled me to make a call which facilitates someone like my elderly mum to be able to see me.

The Synapptic feature is impressive and the support from the staff of Synapptic is equally so. By just making a phone call they are always helpful and able to assist with any problems and questions.

(Full review at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind)


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Excellent for people with poor or no eyesight. We bought the software to install on my elderly mother’s existing Android Tablet. It is so innovative. In my opinion it works like an operating system which guides one to the power of the tablet using touch and excellent text-to-speech. I am still finding more and more features! Excellent features include the links to Google Contacts, audiobooks (including RNIB), speaking emails. VERY GOOD INDEED and this company should be thanked and supported for helping people with poor eyesight.


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I am having a busy and happy time exploring the possibilities of my Synapptic device, and startling my friends!

Mary D

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Over the past few months, I have had to start using a long cane for mobility and safety. To think of going out without my Synapptic phone would be tantamount to going out without my cane i.e. I would feel equally as vulnerable and unsafe.

Although I have been registered blind since 1978, Synapptic has become an increasing integral part of my daily life.


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My Mom has been using synapptic for several years now and it has been a life changer for her, she had used computers for years and but when she deveoped macular degeneration things became very difficult for her, she is 85 and very on the ball and still loves using compueters.

Synapptic has allowed her to keep her independence and to communicate through the software as part of her day to day life, whether it be organising things, contacting family and friends etc.

I wanted to share this with you and to thank the company and the support team who have been extremely helpful.

My Mom has also introduced Synapptic to friends and people on local groups in her community, once lady recently purchased Synapptoc following my Mom giving her a demo and other people have approached my Mom to ask if she will show them how it works, so she is flying the flag well. ☺

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