Google has recently tightened their security for products like Synapptic, that access Gmail emails. You now have to create a special password via the Google website specifically for Synapptic to use. This special 16-digit password must be used in Synapptic’s email settings.

Google have made this change so the password for accessing emails cannot also be used to access other parts of your Google account.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use a web browser and navigate to Use your Google email address and password to login. You don’t have to login on the Synapptic device but it should be switched on and nearby to confirm any security messages that may be displayed.  You can login to on a any phone, tablet, PC, Mac or laptop).
  • Click on the option to enable 2-Step verification (if it’s turned off)

Screenshot of 2-Step-Verification option

  • Follow the instructions to turn on 2-Step Verification. (Part of this process may involve receiving a security text message and/or accepting a security popup message on a phone or tablet that also uses this same Google account).
  • When 2-Step Verification is on, the app passwords option is displayed below itImage of App Passwords option
    Click on the App passwords option. A page will display allowing a password to be generated.

Image of the screen used for creating app passwords

For the “Select app” option select “Mail”. For the “Select device” option select “Other” and type in a suitable name. Something like “Synapptic phone”.

Press the Generate button to make the password.

Image of an example password

Make a note of the password as it’s not possible to show it again! (If your password is lost, just create a new one).

Important: Ignore any spaces in the password!

From the Synapptic Main Menu, select Emails, then Email Settings and Basic Settings. Select the Password option, then type in the 16-digit password.

If you have several Synapptic devices that all use the same Gmail email address, this one password can be used with them all.

The 16-digit password is just to allow Synapptic access to your emails. Your normal Google account password has not changed.

Google have further information on their website:

If you continue to have problems, please give us a call on 0191 909 7 909 (option 2) and we’ll be happy to help.