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Software Updates & Additional Licenses

Software Updates

Each purchase of a Synapptic tablet, smartphone or software comes with two years of software updates for free. Synapptic will continue to work after the updates have expired, but we recommend purchasing another period of software updates to ensure Synapptic is always running at its best and that you have all the latest features.

Need to renew your Software Updates Package?

If you have had your smartphone, tablet or software for more than 2 years and no longer qualify for free software updates, please either contact us and one of our Sales Advisors will be able to process your order for another Software Updates Package, or by online below.

Software Updates Packages are available for 1, 2 or 5 years.

Click on the button below to order online.

2 years (recommended)

5 years


Additional Licenses

Additional licenses enable you to install Synapptic on extra devices. For customers who have previously purchased full Synapptic software or a Synapptic phone or tablet running full Synapptic software, additional licenses are discounted from £249 to just £125.

Want to buy an Additional License?

If you have previously purchase Synapptic software or a Synapptic tablet or phone, additional licenses can be purchased below.


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