Michael received his Synapptic tablet during a ceremony on Thursday 26th October to mark the occasion, at the charity’s training and rehabilitation centre in Brighton. The tablet was presented by Mark Kingston, an IT Instructor working for the charity, who described the occasion as, ‘A special celebration of the incredible difference that the Synapptic devices have made to the lives of so many Blind Veterans.’

Synapptic’s partnership with Blind Veterans UK has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, as more veterans are discovering the many benefits of using Synapptic products, including: sending emails, keeping in touch with friends and family through Skype calls and being able to magnify text and convert it into speech instantaneously.

Here at Synapptic, we’re aware of the profound effect our products have had on the lives of ex-Servicemen and women, who’ve experienced sight loss. Commenting on this important milestone in Synapptic’s and Blind Veterans’ partnership, Mary McMahon, Managing Director of Synapptic said, “To think that there have now been 1000 blind veterans using Synapptic software, to lead more independent and connected lives, is nothing short of incredible. We hope that blind veterans will continue to embrace all the benefits of Synapptic products and develop the confidence to send emails, write texts, read their own letters and enjoy all the other tasks that they never thought possible before.’

Reflecting on Synapptic’s mission to encourage people with sight loss to embrace technology, in order to make their lives easier, she added: ‘Why set limits for yourself, when technology opens up so many possibilities for independence and communication?’

For further information on the services and support offered by Blind Veterans UK, please visit their website at: www.blindveterans.org.uk.