We’re really excited to launch our new product range, including the latest new releases from Samsung, an expanded range of accessories and our very own Synapptic Call Plans! Here are some of the highlights from our newly updated range of products:

The innovative new Z-Fold and Z-Flip folding phones!

The Z-Fold phone brings you the best of both worlds: a phone and a tablet in a single device. The size of a standard phone, fold it out to expand your screen size to that of a tablet! Or if you want to downsize, the Z-Flip phone means you can fold your phone in half, for a super-compact phone that can fit easily into your pocket.

The massive 12 inch Gold Tablet package

Following huge demand, our new Gold-12 tablet package includes the latest 12.4 inch tablet from Samsung. Ideal for anyone who wants to magnify images, menus or text on the screen for maximum size. Ideal for low vision users who struggle with smaller screen sizes.

The newly-updated Silver-10 Phone package

One of our most popular phones, this new model is compact and light, with a 6 inch screen, and is our best value mid-range phone at just £450.

Synapptic Call Plans

We’ve teamed up with Vodaphone to bring you a range of great call plans, starting from just £11 per month when you need a provider for your calls, texts and data. And what’s more, there’s no application forms for you to fill in and if you have any queries about your device, training, tech support or your call plan, you just have one number to call!

If you need more information or would like to talk through the different options, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly Sales Team on 0191 909 7 909 or email them at sales@synapptic.com. Alternatively, please visit our website at www.synapptic.com/shop or download a price list.