Synapptic Version 9 Build 608 is a maintenance release to bring Synapptic in line with changes made to the latest version of Android – Android 13.

This release also includes other minor enhancements and security updates. To upgrade just select the Updates option from the Synapptic Settings menu.

If your phone or tablet is running Android 9 or below it may be time to think about switching up hardware to a new device that’s running the latest Android 13. Devices running Android 9 or below no longer receive security and other updates from Android. It’s FREE to transfer your Synapptic software from an old phone or tablet to a new one, which saves up to £249 from the prices listed on our website or price list!

If you wish to discuss switching up your hardware to one of the latest Android 13 devices, please call us on 0191 909 7 909 or email us at