What’s new in Synapptic Version 10, build 650?

Here’s what’s new in Version 10, build 650. (Released 25-06-2024):

1. ITV have made changes to their service making it necessary for us to change Synapptic accordingly. All ITV channels are now fully accessible from Synapptic. This includes ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 and ITV-Be.

2. Text messages can now be printed. Find the new Print option on the Text Message menu.

3. A new ‘Ask More’ option has been added to the ChatBot menu. Select any previous response, pick the Ask More menu option, then ask further follow-up questions. Alternatively, the Chatbot knows about the last three questions and responds to follow up questions relating to them – you can ask ‘Who won the world cup in 2010?’, then ask ‘What was the score?’.

4. New Delete All and Delete Multi menu options allow for easier and quicker deleting of responses in the chat history.

5. Forward ChatBot answers with the new “Share” menu option. Share answers by text and email.

6. Chatbot answers have a slight bias, aimed at users with a visual impairment. This can now be turned on and off with the commands “Visual Assistance off” or “Visual Assistance on”.

To update your Synapptic device just select the Settings option from the Main Menu, then select the Updates option. If you need any help, please call our friendly technical helpline on 0191 909 7 909 or email help@synapptic.com

Follow this link for details of all Version 10 features.