We’ve listened to feeback from all our valued customers and partners in developing new features within Version 9.

Here’s what’s new:

1. A completely redesigned and fully-featured calendar


  • New grid views for easier viewing and scheduling of appointments
  • Recurring appointments for birthdays and other regular events
  • New Basic and Advanced modes, with options to switch between the old list view and new grid view.

2. Calendar synchronisation

  • Synchronise your Calendar between different Synapptic devices
  • Synchronise your calendar with other devices and share your calendar with friends and family
  • All your valuable calendar entries are safely and securly copied to the Cloud in case you ever need to restore them onto a new phone or tablet.

3. A QR and Barcode reader. Quickly and easily scan QR codes and barcodes:


  • to follow links to websites
  • to find product details for food, books and other items
  • to effortlessly copy phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses
  • to quickly connect to Wifi when out and about

4. Improved built-in hand-held video magnifier

  • Capture and view images more easily
  • Images are quickly and clearly magnified in all 15 high-contrast colour combinations
  • Magnifier operation is smoother, seamless and more responsive.

5. New tools!


  • A new timer for making those perfect hard boiled eggs or perfectly cooked cakes!
  • A new stopwatch to time events, duration of exercise or for when time is critical.

6. New Photo Gallery


  • The View Photos option has been renamed to the Gallery
  • If you like showing everyone your photos, the new Gallery can be moved to anywhere on the Main Menu for quick access
  • Show off your photos easily with the Gallery’s new Slideshow feature.

7. Nuisance call and text blocker

  • Blocks calls and text messages from unwanted numbers
  • Add and remove blocked numbers easily from the Text Message menu or Recently Called menu

8. Audiobook sleep timer

  • Drift off to sleep while listening to your favourite book. When the timer is done, the book automatically stops playing.

9. Envelope printing

  • Print envelopes for your Christmas cards and other letters
  • Quickly and easily pick an address from the address book or type in an address manually
  • Print on a variety of different sized envelopes

10. Other minor enhancements and performance improvements


  • We’re constantly enhancing Synapptic to ensure it works effortlessly with all the latest devices and with all the latest technologies.

How do I get Version 9?

To upgrade your phone or tablet just head over to the Synapptic Settings menu and select the Updates option.