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Version History

All new features and enhancements made to the Synapptic Software are detailed below.

To check which version of Synapptic you are using select the Phone or Tablet Information option from the Main Menu, then select About Phone/Tablet. Both the version number and build number will be listed.

To update your copy of Synapptic to the latest version select the Settings option from the Main Menu then select the Updates option and follow the on-screen and spoken instructions.

Version 7.5 Build 539 (20-May-2021)

Version 7.5 Build 520 (30-Jun-2020)

Version 7.5 Build 505 (03-Dec-2019)

Version 7.0 Build 466 (19-June-2019)

Version 6.1 Build 390 (20-Sept-2018)

Version 6.1 Build 382 (03-July-2018)

Version 6.1 Build 380 (15-June-2018)

Version 6.1 Build 379 (01-June-2018)

Version 6.1 Build 376

Version 6.1 Build 375

Version 6.0 Build 315

Some of our Trusted Partners

  • Blind Veterans
  • N-Vision
  • Sight for Surrey
  • iSightCornwall
  • 4Sight Vision Support
  • Henshaws
  • Fife Society for the Blind
  • RNIB
  • Insight Gloucestershire
  • Visionary
  • Deafblind UK
  • The Norfolk & Norwich Association for The Blind
  • Galloways
  • QAC Queen Alexandra College Birmingham
  • The Partially Sighted Society
  • East Sussex Association of Blind and Partially Sighted People