Easy-to-Use Smartphones and Tablet Computers

Synapptic - Winner of the Macular Society Best Technical Innovation Award 2016!

What is Synapptic Software?

Synapptic is an award winning all-in-one software package for people who are blind or partially sighted. It runs on Android Smartphones and Tablet Computers and has been specifically designed to be quick-to-learn and easy-to-use.

Because of its simple and straightforward menu structure and intuitive design, Synapptic requires very little training, so most people teach themselves how to use it in just a few minutes. If extra advice and support is needed, a Help Page can be accessed for each and every screen.

If you’re thinking of using a Tablet Computer or Smartphone for the first time, or just want to communicate and catch-up quickly and easily while on the move, then Synapptic is for you!

Synapptic is available as a separate software package to install on an existing Android device, or as a complete Smartphone or Tablet Computer package, fully setup and ready to go. See price list for details.

New! Synapptic Version 6 now available! See our News Section for full details.

View screen-shots and details of our brilliantly simple Smartphone and Tablet Computer software here!

View videos of our Tablets and Smartphones being used here!


Easy-to-follow menus, large high-contrast text and clear speech feedback makes communication a breeze with Synapptic!

All text, including messages received and text typed, can be both magnified and spoken aloud, with options to change magnification and colours and control the voice. For any level of vision, communication is made simple with Synapptic!

Access to websites is also made quick and easy, so you can keep up-to-date with the latest news and information, whether at home or on the move.

Synapptic makes other more complex communication tasks as easy as pressing a button! Such as emailing photos to friends and family, or making free phone and video calls with Skype.

Magnifying print, reading a book or scanning and reading a letter received in the post, is also a simple task with a Synapptic Tablet Computer or Phone.


Watch or listen to TV or radio programmes you've missed through Synapptic's easy-to-use BBC iPlayer option. Alternatively, listen to other radio stations, available through the Internet, or your favourite MP3 music tracks through our Music Player.

Easy access to Freeview TV channels is also made available through the Digital TV Player option. So you can watch your favourite programmes when you're on the move, or when curled up in bed!

Sit down and relax with an audio book, or take some talking books and talking newspapers with you on your travels! Synapptic devices can play talking books from Calibre, RNIB, Talking Newspapers and other sources.

Alternatively, watch a film, listen to the latest music or discover a new skill, with YouTube. Whether it's funny cat videos, music or instructional videos, YouTube has something for everyone. And it's all free!


Synapptic is an all-in-one system, so all its features work in the same easy-to-use way. Once you've mastered one feature, you've mastered them all! The majority of people need no more than just a few minutes of training to get fully up and running with Synapptic.

Large print, high contrast, uncluttered menus, along with speech feedback make using Synapptic easy and intuitive.

Synapptic also makes using touch screens a pleasure - and makes them easy and accessible for everyone. If your vision allows you to see the required menu option on the screen, tap the screen to select it. If voice feedback is required, just keep your finger on the screen and the voice will read out each menu option, or item on the screen, as your finger moves over it. Just release your finger to select it. It's that simple!

Amazingly, voice recognition/dictation and hands-free voice control are now available on all devices! If you don't like typing, just dictate the text instead!

Free training

One-hour free training with every purchase!

I have had my tablet for a year now and wouldn't be without it! I wish you all the best!

Brenda, Leicester

Wow! The tablet is amazing! It's great to finally be unchained from my old computer and set free! And thank you for the free video calls. I can't believe I've Skyped my daughter and also sent her a photo of my Garden, all in one afternoon! I've never done anything like that before. Hetty, Cheltenham

I've always wanted a mobile phone but never found one I could get on with. The Synapptic smartphone is so increadably easy to use. I'm texting everyone now! Thank you, I'm having so much fun. Jamie, London

I feel as if the 21st Century has caught up with me!
Although my local FE college had told me that my needs were too complex for them, within 20 minutes of receiving my Synapptic tablet I was able to compose and send my first ever email: It makes me feel good! Margaret, 65 years young and registered blind

Just a quick email to say the phone has arrived. What a great piece of technology! For the first time in my life I have a phone I can operate without asking people to read numbers etc for me. Thank you! Anne, Sheffield